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Glasses, blinks, etc. during Professional Photo Ops...?
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  • Glasses often glare or make it very difficult for the photographer to see if you blinked, so please try to remove them if possible. If you cannot remove them, please be sure to try and tilt the glasses down away from the lights for the best possible photo.


  • Our photographers watch for blinks, however, sometimes they are missed. If when you pick up your print and you realize you blinked, please let us know immediately to ensure the guest is still in the room, and we will put you back in for a retake if possible.

Getting Your Photo:

  • Just follow the brightly colored tape stripe on the floor at the Photo Op room exit. It will guide you to the print pickup area where your print will be handed to you in about 45-60 seconds.

Digital Downloads

  • Digital downloads are included FREE with each Professional Photo.  Instructions are at the photo booth area.
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