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How Do Photo Ops Work?
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You and up to 3 other people (this includes children or adults)  can have your picture taken with a celebrity at the Event in the photo ops area.  You receive an 8’X10” glossy photo taken by a professional photographer with a backdrop.  Some important things to note:

  • Please arrive for your Professional Photo Op 20 minutes prior to the Photo Op scheduled time. Group times will be posted on the Event schedule.  Arriving too early for your Photo Op will cause congestion at the photo queue entrance, and greatly hinder our staff in queuing fans. Please help us create a smooth experience for everyone.
  • Please understand that a Photo Op is not a meet and greet, but it is a rapidly moving process. It is important you listen for prompts from the line attendants and the photographer to ensure you get the best photo possible.
  • Parents of underage children may wait in line with them. If you have special needs or are caring for a special needs fan, please speak with our line staff before entering the queue area
  • When you enter the Photo Op room, please have your valid Photo Op card / QR code in hand, and ready to present. Have all backpacks, purses, jackets, lanyards, or any items you do not want in the photo off and ready to place on the table provided inside. You will not be more than a couple of steps from your items.
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